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After-sales service

OVIKO Valve offers all the services are designed to create more value. Timely, high quality, professional after-sales service of the characteristics of OVIKO. OVIKO Valve can be the first time to provide you with complete project requirements, technical information, drawings and product specifications, production schedules, production inspection and control plan. Professional quality control staff for your aftermarket products to provide detailed quality tracking. The professional customer service and technical staff to provide on-site box inspection, installation supervision, commissioning and technical training services. OVIKO Valve cherish every customer communication, and a full range of industrial valves to solve the programs and after-sales service can help you deal with the challenges at any time.
Service capabilities spare parts sales operation and maintenance of customer feedback OVIKO has a high quality valve maintenance and consulting team, professional orientation, the level of equipment excellent;
Complete quality system, are operating effectively, teamwork; for the majority of customers at home and abroad to provide timely, high quality, professional services, our services include:

● transportation security

A car before the installation of the pipeline process and construction results of valve impact assessment;
State finds, after installation of the valve;
3, the results of the pipeline within the purge valve seal impact assessment;
4, the car run before the system debugging to participate.

● Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting

A systematic analysis on the cause of the potential causes of valve failure;
2, integrated to determine the fault valve for risk assessment of the risk of the process of elimination.

● product repair, maintenance

1, accessories, equipment and maintenance program;
2, online or offline for maintenance and repair;
3, professional development maintenance recommendations and proposals;
4, oil, long distance natural gas pipeline fully welded ball valve and main line valve online maintenance or guidance;
5, the accuracy of the special control valve regularly check and maintain the program;
6, the valve after the customer site maintenance or establishment of long-term file link over the same period to establish a regular return visits mechanism.

● on-site technical services

1, valves and piping running related professional and technical consulting;
2, selection advice and professional design of the valve replacement program;
3, the pipeline process and media impact assessment of the valve;
Provide specialized equipment to help rule out the valve running.

● product use and maintenance training
1, to provide professional training courseware;
2, the troubleshooting of practical exercises, to meet the customer on the solution of the full range of industrial valves;
2 to develop the specific needs of personalized programs for clients to meet specific media, flow rate, flow, inspection, testing, maintenance cycle, and other maintenance recommendations.

● service commitment

A professional and sincerely treat every employee, enabling them to become professionals in the industry;
2, professional and mature team to provide customers with superior service;
3, honesty, commitment, and establish long-term partnerships with customers.

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